Agency Vs. In-House

Agency Vs. In-House

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The average consumer goes through six different online channels before he or she makes a purchase. And these channels are only increasing.

To stay on top of the ever-growing online marketing landscape, business owners are turning to a blended approach, creating multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.

But what exactly does that mean? A multi-channel campaign is essentially a strategy that combines different marketing channels, direct or indirect, to achieve desirable responses from target audiences.

Companies are taking this approach, bringing in the expertise of specialized agencies to help in certain areas of online marketing. What are the benefits of doing this, you ask? You’ll achieve operational efficiencies, and you’ll profitably scale your online marketing initiatives.

Not totally convinced? Explore this infographic to learn why and how multi-channel marketing campaigns can keep your company at the forefront of the online landscape.

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In-House vs Agency Affiliate Marketing Infographic