October 10th 2017
Influencer Marketing: The CMO's Guide To Tracking Bottom-Of-Funnel Metrics

The largest advertisers in the world are demanding more transparency, accountability and measurable returns from the performance of their marketing. Unfortunately, one of the hottest marketing tactics currently being employed by many companies is struggling to meet these expectations: Influencer marketing.

The good news is, this is changing; and our CMO's Guide to Tracking Bottom-of-Funnel Metrics explains how.

This valuable guide sheds light on:

  • What most companies are currently doing to measure their influencer marketing campaign metrics
  • Why current approaches to gathering influencer campaign metrics aren't as efficient or effective as they could be
  • What a performance-driven approach to influencer marketing looks like
  • How brands can close the loop on top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel metrics in their influencer marketing campaigns
  • Real-life results and metrics from three AP Influence campaigns


With the insights shared in this influencer metrics guide, you'll have more clarity about how to structure your influencer marketing campaigns, acquire better metrics, and predict and improve the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns.


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