March 11th 2015
How to Make Coupon Affiliates Work for Your Program

Coupon sites have been a hot topic in affiliate marketing over the last few years. As recently as two or three years ago, they dominated most affiliate programs.

When engaged program managers dug into attribution, however, they found that much of the revenue these sites were driving wasn't incremental.

Though many merchants have shifted focus to content partners, coupon sites can still be an important piece of an affiliate program.

For certain kinds of retailers, they're absolutely essential. For others, they can be used strategically to solve specific problems other types of affiliates and other marketing channels are less effective at solving.

The question now confronting marketers is how to work with coupon sites to ensure the highest possible ROI for their affiliate programs.

Our latest e-book, How to Make Coupon Sites Work for Your Brand, deals with just that. It will walk you through whether you should work with coupon sites and how to make them productive for your brand.

This e-book offers tips for how to work with coupon sites effectively, such as actively managing your relationships and choosing your partners wisely. We also examine two case studies that illustrate how some brands have used coupon sites creatively to solve specific marketing problems.

This e-book is designed to provide you with the information you need to ensure your coupon partner strategy is profitable and brand-supportive.

If you haven't closely examined the role of coupon sites within your affiliate program, reach out to our team. We'll be happy to share insights into how to get the most out of these strategic partnerships.

Be sure to also check out our Ultimate Guide to Working with Coupon Sites in Affiliate Marketing.

Author: Acceleration Partners