August 25th 2020
This informative on-demand webinar explores how Financial Technology (FinTech) brands can and are using the affiliate model to cost-effectively acquire new high-value customers and meet their performance goals.

Presenting this on-demand webinar is Amy Crider, Associate Account Director for Global Accounts at Acceleration Partners. Amy has extensive experience managing and overseeing nuanced affiliate marketing programs for a variety of companies, including credit and insurance brands.

Tune into this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • The types of FinTech brands that are leveraging the affiliate marketing model for their business.
  • How the affiliate model offers unique opportunities to help FinTech brands grow revenue and cost-effectively acquire new customers.
  • Examples of high-value partners that FinTech brands work with via their affiliate program and what they do to promote these brands.
  • Important compliance considerations and how adherence to these regulations can and should be addressed within an affiliate marketing program.

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