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Q4. For many of AP’s clients, this festive quarter is always a bit frenzied. It’s also one of the most fruitful.

Once the holiday haze faded, we gathered our client’s affiliate program data, looked at it from every angle, compared it to Q4 2016 and pulled together this benchmark report to share the story it told.

When you download it, you’ll discover:

  • What month saw the strongest Y/Y growth (can you guess?)
  • What some retailers did to elevate their exposure with affiliate partners, contributing to 42% Y/Y growth
  • What day over the peak “Cyber 5” shopping weekend had the strongest increase over last year, with revenue up 55.35%
  • What key holiday strategy can make or break a sale
  • How much affiliate commission rates increased Y/Y
  • Which publisher segment was up 98.84 Y/Y
  • Average order value and average click-rate by publisher

Of course, we didn’t just leave you with stats. We also provided tips, strategies and recommendations so that, come Q4 2018, you’ll be as primed as a partridge in a pear tree.