Managing A Successful International Affiliate Program

E-commerce is booming around the world. India, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, and South Africa are a few of the countries poised for enormous growth in the next year. And with worldwide e-commerce sales expected to reach $2.05 trillion by 2016, savvy online retail brands are looking to get in on the action.

One way to expand internationally and introduce your brand to new audiences is to tap into the power of global affiliate marketing. But this can quickly become a nightmare if you try to manage the program in-house without the right experience or resources, or partner with the wrong agency. This is why it’s a good idea to partner with experts who know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and as well as the regions where you want to expand.

Many companies have turned over management of their entire global affiliate presence either to a single network or single agency, many of which don’t admit to their limitations outside of their primary markets. The reality is that no single network or agency is a global leader in multiple markets. The only way to get the best for your affiliate program all around the globe is to employ a hub-and-spoke approach.

This e-book will explain how to successfully take an affiliate program global, including:

  • Common challenges affiliate program face as they expand internationally
  • The drawbacks of using single networks and agencies
  • Why a hub-and-spoke approach is best and how to implement it

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