July 22nd 2019
Guide To Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value In Affiliate Marketing
Focus on customer lifetime value (LTV) – and extending it – has grown in importance over the last few years – especially for brands with a subscription or reoccurring service business model.

As these and other companies launch affiliate programs, the need to understand what partnership types will help them both gain new customers and retain them has become a priority.

In the past, the task of measuring and leveraging LTV data has been a complicated one. While the process of analyzing customer lifetime value data has evolved over time – and as new technology has been introduced to track LTV – more light has been shed on understanding this nuanced KPI within the affiliate model.

This guide provides a framework for what Customer Lifetime Value is, and how brands are using LTV data to attract and keep customers of high value.

Also included in this guide:

  • How to optimize LTV data in affiliate programs
  • Why LTV is a rising star within affiliate programs of subscription services companies
  • Case study examples of Acceleration Partners' clients
  • Insight on testing partner performance and strategic commissioning
  • Key performance tracking for maintaining and extending customer LTV

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