August 10th 2016
Performance Partnerships®: Growing Your Affiliate Program With Nontraditional Partnerships

Affiliates, also referred to as influencers, bloggers and publishers, are marketers first and foremost. They often excel at certain specialized skill sets and are adept at figuring out and adopting new channels before the larger players do.

By working with them as a partner, companies can leverage affiliates' skills and capabilities to improve their company's performance, particularly in the areas of email, paid search, social, deals, partnerships, and referrals.

Traditional affiliates, such as content, coupon, and loyalty affiliates, are strong partners. However, nontraditional partnerships or Performance Partnerships™ are the way of the future.

In this e-Book you will learn:

  • What types of nontraditional partnerships are on the rise
  • How to leverage these partnerships to grow your affiliate program
  • What approaches top brands are taking to manage non-traditional partners through the affiliate channel

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