January 29th 2020
The Future of Partner Marketing

In recent years, many in the affiliate marketing industry have wanted to rebrand the sector to Partner Marketing – both in an effort to reflect what the model is and does, and as a way to put distance between the affiliate marketing of today and the affiliate marketing of a few decades ago.

However, Partner Marketing is not a rebrand of affiliate marketing. Nor should it be.

Affiliate marketing has more than demonstrated it's impressive ability to help brands drive, incremental value, realize low CPA and high ROAS, generate high-quality leads, bolster customer lifetime value and positively elevate brand awareness.

So why Partner Marketing?

That's what this resource helps answer.


In this guide you will learn:

  • The state of Partner Marketing today (2020) and some of the challenges with this current structure.
  • What's happening that is contributing to a new understanding of marketing partnerships.
  • How Partner Marketing of the future is likely to be structured and how other marketing channels such as affiliate, paid social and search, influencer, podcast, business development and more fit into that structure.
  • Advancements in technology and how that's contributing to a new era and understanding of Partner Marketing's potential.
  • What all this will mean for global performance-based partner marketing programs.

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