April 25th 2022

In this month's edition of our Employee Spotlight series, we caught up with EMEA Associate Account Manager, Anna-Lisa Olf. Anna-Lisa shares her top tips for remote working success, notable market nuances in the German market and what excites her about the affiliate marketing industry!


Welcome to our Employee Spotlight series! Can you tell us more about your role at Acceleration Partners as Associate Account Manager?

I work across different global accounts and have additional responsibilities depending on the team structures. In some teams, I am responsible for the whole EMEA region and in others, just one market. I also help find new affiliates, create and execute client strategies, and manage my associates' tasks.


You're based in Germany. Can you tell us some differences you notice in business culture, compared to other European countries?

Compared to other European countries, there aren't that many differences. For example, many affiliates operate across different countries, and borders tend to blur a little bit. However, in the U.S. there is a much bigger feedback culture, and you may need to provide feedback regularly.


What excites you about the affiliate marketing industry and what drew you to work at Acceleration Partners?

I like that affiliate marketing is a broad field within the marketing industry. You can basically work with anyone, and affiliate business models can range from coupons to influencers or even retargeting. This variety can also be seen in the tasks, ranging from personal interactions via emails and calls to reporting and coming up with new creative ideas.

I wanted to work for Acceleration Partners because it's truly an international company with a lot of expertise in the affiliate marketing industry, so I knew that I would learn a lot.


Acceleration Partners recently launched a new business entity in Germany, which is the 5th largest e-commerce market globally. What are the top market nuances in affiliate marketing to be aware of?

When entering the German market, data security and consent is essential. German customers are very sensitive to their personal data, which can be reflected in their cookie preference and eventually in affiliate performance. Affiliate models, such as price comparison and coupon and deal sites, usually work very well. There is a big trend in environmental consciousness and a desire to shop responsibly, as seen in customer behavior and the affiliate landscape.

In terms of affiliate management, there is a growing merger trend, meaning that some affiliates acquire others and become very big players in the industry. Finally, influencers are becoming more important, so brands may want to focus more on this affiliate type to generate brand awareness in Germany.


You're part of the EMEA team; can you share with our readers how you stay connected to your team members in Germany and beyond, all while working remotely?

Usually, it's easy to stay connected via regular calls and chats, and it's more feasible as we are not all working in the same city. It's easy to forget that you mostly see your colleagues on a screen! With Covid restrictions being less strict, we now have more in-person events to connect and get to know each other personally.


Do you have a daily routine for success?

I try to do all the challenging and time-sensitive tasks in the morning so I can 'relax' a little bit more in the afternoon. In addition, I enjoy changing my work environment now and then to have fewer distractions and more variety, so I often visit coworking spaces, cafés or work with a friend.


Finally, if you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

I would be able to beam myself anywhere I want to because I love to travel and discover the world, so this would be a cheap, timesaving and environmentally friendly option 😉.


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Author: Sophie Parry-Billings