ThirdLove Realizes 10% Lift in AOV in Affiliate Program with Coupon Partner

ThirdLove Realizes 10% Lift in AOV in Affiliate Program with Coupon Partner


ThirdLove, a popular online bra and underwear brand with a direct-to-consumer business model.

Client Challenge

ThirdLove wanted to grow their affiliate program by 50% Y/Y and do so in ways that ensured they weren’t perceived as “discounting” their brand. However, because their program was comprised only of content partners who primarily drove top-of-funnel brand awareness, it was more challenging to drive bottom-of-funnel sales.



Even though ThirdLove had closed their affiliate program to coupon and loyalty partners, the Acceleration Partners (AP) team knew that the most efficient and effective way to help the brand reach their revenue and growth goals was by working with high-value partners who would drive bottom-of-funnel conversions through their affiliate program.

The AP team understood that ThirdLove did not want to appear over-promotional or discounted in their marketing, so they recommended testing out one partnership with a top coupon partner at a 1% Cost Per Action (CPA) commission payout.



The AP team pitched the idea to the ThirdLove team and provided education and projections as to how this top coupon partner could help ThirdLove achieve their growth and revenue goals.

ThirdLove agreed to test out the partnership using an evergreen bundle deal offer and allowed the coupon partner into their affiliate program at a 1% CPA.

The coupon partner also allowed the AP team to have full control over the brand’s merchant page on their site and submit the specific links they wanted on the site.



Partnering with the coupon partner gave ThirdLove more control over the promotional offers listed on the coupon site’s branded merchant page. And offering the coupon partner a lower CPA helped ThirdLove control their program’s marketing cost.

Since joining ThirdLove’s program at a 1% CPA, the coupon partner has driven strong performance for the brand, including:

10% lift in AOV and a 185% lift in conversion rate:


Date RangeAverage AOVAverage CR
1/2018 – 2/2019$1022.3%
3/2019 – 12/2019$1206.6%


PartnerClicksSalesRevenue AOVCVRTotal Commission

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