November 17th 2017
Go Team! Boston Globe Names AP a Top Place to Work

Founded 10 years ago by Robert Glazer, Acceleration Partners (AP) was established as a remote company. At a time when working from home was considered somewhat peculiar, perhaps even dubious, Acceleration Partners understood its potential to give employees the ability to be truly present in work and in life outside work.

Year by year, Acceleration Partners has grown into the premier partner marketing agency, servicing some of the world’s leading brands.

Concurrently, we’ve also become well-known and recognized for our incredible culture. Not only are these achievements something we’re extremely proud of, they are also intertwined.

At Acceleration Partners, a lot of thought, time, effort, resources, creativity, passion, persistence and panache goes into making AP a top place to work. We know that, for us to be great company and deliver superior services to our clients, our team members need to feel happy, fulfilled and appreciated in their jobs.

From being authentically transparent about the state and direction of the company, supporting a remote work environment, and offering educational and personal development opportunities to hiring the right people and ensuring they’re in the right seat, establishing strong core values, regularly recognizing and rewarding team members’ achievements and offering competitive compensation and benefits,

Acceleration Partners strives to be a company that the best and brightest are proud to work for.

Therefore, when we are recognized by such institutions as The Boston Globe and make their 2017 Best Place to Work list, it’s with great humility, respect and gratitude.

The rankings in the Top Places to Work list are based on confidential survey information collected anonymously from nearly 75,060 individuals at 334 Massachusetts organizations. The winners share a few key traits, including offering progressive benefits, giving their employees a voice, and encouraging them to have some fun while they’re at it.

The timing of this award is especially meaningful as we just held our annual AP Summit last week. In addition to planning for the year ahead, collaborating and reviewing AP’s Vivid Vision, we spent invaluable time connecting, engaging, celebrating and strengthening our company culture.

What makes Acceleration Partners such a sought-after global affiliate program management agency is the people. And what makes those outstanding people stay at Acceleration Partners is the culture.

“Creating a legacy in our life is not very different from creating a company culture. It’s something designed to live beyond your lifetime and serve a greater purpose.” – Robert Glazer
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Author: Katie Woodward