August 7th 2020
AP Employee Spotlight: Macarena Jimenez
In this month's edition of our Employee Spotlight series, we talked to EMEA Associate Account Manager, Macarena Jimenez about the most interesting aspects of her role and the advice she would give to those considering a career in affiliate marketing.


How long have you been at AP and what does your role as Associate Account Manager involve?

I joined AP in August 2019. My focus is spread across three different accounts, two in the retailer sector and another B2B brand. My responsibilities involve client service and communication, interacting daily with the client, and beyond. Reporting and analysis are a big part of the Associate Account Manager role. I provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly insight reports, using large amounts of data to analyse the performance of the accounts and highlighting key success metrics. Being proactive is what sets you apart in this role. It enables you to present out of the box new publisher opportunities to the client, driving home the value they can add to the account.


In your role, which aspects are the most interesting?

I both enjoy and find fascinating the strategic and analytical aspects of the role. Shaping strategy and forecasting the expectations of our bookings is really what excites me and drives me forward daily. Being able to coach and mentor another member of the team has been a joy to me. Sharing knowledge gained over my time in the affiliate industry and AP best practices and values, when enabling others to grow, is an aspect of work I both enjoy and take immense pride in.


What advice would you give to those considering it as a career?

If you have a genuine passion for marketing, it is a wonderful role. In the affiliate industry, you also get to experience different areas of digital marketing. The most beneficial part is working with both sides (publishers and clients) which is great for your own personal network. It also enables you to develop different skill sets and an understanding of objectives. With a role so rounded, you can focus on four pillars of development: analysis, communication, strategy, and management. Another benefit of the industry is the vast size of it. Truly spanning the globe, you are exposed to many cultures and gain insight into how the world works within different regions.


What is your favorite thing about working at Acceleration Partners?

I love having the freedom to work remotely from different places. You become autonomous and define your own schedule (as long as you deliver on what's required of you). I also enjoy the global team we have - being able to communicate with members of the team in the US, Australia, and EMEA is a blessing.


Outside of work, how do you like to spend your time?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Being from Spain, I take every opportunity I can to visit them (again, another benefit of remote working). I love traveling and learning about different cultures. AP celebrates the AP Summit in a new place every year, it is an amazing experience where you get to meet the entire team and visit new countries. Last year, the AP Summit was in Philadelphia (call me Rocky), and I managed to spend some days after in New York, what a great city!


Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

When I was seven years old, I used to be obsessed with candy shops. My parents bought a house in a village where we used to spend the summers. Due to the obsession I had with candy, I come up with the idea of building a candy shop that opened during the hours no other shops were open, meaning children had a demand for sweets. I got a table and two chairs, went to the shops and bought lots of candy with my savings, prettily displayed them on plates at night, and so many kids came around. I remember charging an extra 5p per sweet. Without knowing, I started a business that was even profitable! My happiness lasted only two weeks when my old sister and her friends found out and took over! That was a tough lesson in capitalism.


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Author: Neala Street