September 20th 2018
Acceleration Partners Recognized as a Top Company Culture by Entrepreneur

We are excited to announce that Acceleration Partners (AP) has made Entrepreneur's Top Company Cultures list for the second year in a row!

In 2017, we were honored to be named to Entrepreneurs' Company Cultures list for Small-Sized Companies. This year, with the rapid global expansion of our team in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, as well as within the U.S., we moved into their mid-sized category, ranking #8 on their 2018 Best Company Cultures list!

Entrepreneur's Top Company Cultures list ranks U.S.-based businesses that not only develop cultures that excel in employee engagement but, as a result, are continuously high-performing. Perhaps the most important aspect of the organizations recognized on this list is that their leaders see the competitive advantage in creating a strong, cohesive workplace.

This is something Acceleration Partners' founder and CEO, Robert Glazer, envisioned for the company since its inception. Acceleration Partners' culture is driven by core values, which Glazer and the company's leadership team worked diligently to establish and incorporate within the organization. These values have become the backbone of our company culture; they help determine who we hire, who we partner with and how we conduct our business day-to-day.

In partnership with establishing and enforcing a set of strong core values, Glazer also wanted to build a company that offered employees the flexibility they need in their work-life in order to pursue the activities and moments they find fulfilling in their personal lives as well.

At Acceleration Partners, we believe that work-life integration is key to creating a high performing, engaging and relationship-oriented workforce. And with almost 200 remote employees stationed around the world, we have been successful in doing just that.

Despite being a remote workforce, we understand that face-to-face interactions are key to establishing relationships and building trust amongst coworkers. That's why we provide resources for teams in "hubs" (as a concentration of 10+ AP team members) so that colleagues can get together in their local cities to co-work, enjoy happy hours and dinners together, do fun activities together and just bond as team members.

We also gather our entire global team together once a year for our annual AP Summit, a three to four day event filled with learning, socializing, team building activities and celebration for all we've accomplished as individuals and as a company throughout the year.

It is by hiring employees who embody our core values and believe in our mission to create a high-performing, flexible remote workforce that we are able to build a truly unique company culture. Over the past few years, Acceleration Partners has been honored with several industry awards for our culture including, Glassdoor Best Places to Work – Employees Choice, Glassdoor's Top CEOs (Robert Glazer, #2), Inc Best Place to Work, Boston Globe's Top Place to Work, Ad Age's Best Place to Work, as well as Fortune & Great Place to Work®.

We are incredibly grateful to be recognized by Entrepreneur as a Top Company Culture, but to be recognized among so many other impressive and innovative companies is a true honor.

Congratulations to all who made this year's list and kudos to you for recognizing that a company's culture and the satisfaction of its employees is one of the greatest competitive advantages an organization can possess.

Learn more about our award-winning company culture on our Awards page. Interested in joining the AP team? Visit our Careers page or contact us for more information.

Author: Allison McDevitt