October 8th 2019
Acceleration Partners Awarded by Digiday Worklife Awards and Entrepreneur 360

Acceleration Partners is excited to announce that we have been named to this year's Entrepreneur 360 list as well as awarded "Most Committed to Work-Life Balance" by the 2019 Digiday Worklife Awards.


Digiday Worklife Awards

The coveted Digiday Worklife Awards recognize media and marketing's top employers and the business values that make them unique.

Acceleration Partners is extremely honored to be recognized by Digiday for being a company "Most Committed to Work-life Balance" as this is an integral part of the agency's culture.

As a 100 percent remote agency, Acceleration Partners is committed to changing the work-life paradigm so that team members can feel successful in both their personal and professional pursuits.

"We're a global company with over 150 employees, all of whom work remotely from home. While this work structure is unique in some regions outside of the U.S., our team members all around the world consistently communicate how valuable it is to them. It gives our employees the autonomy to attend to any life circumstance without feeling torn between their personal and professional responsibilities or goals," said Vice President of Talent and Culture, Emily Tetto. "We understand that employees work best when given autonomy and freedom and this means different things to different people."

Acceleration Partners has also been shortlisted for the Worklife Awards' Most Innovative Culture category. The winner of this category will be announced at the Digiday Fall Awards Gala on November 14th.

A full list of pre-announced award winners can be found at https://digiday.com/awards/vox-media-hp-inc-and-critical-mass-are-among-digiday-worklife-awards-winners/.


To learn more about Acceleration Partners and our award-winning culture, visit our Company page.



Entrepreneur 360

The Entrepreneur 360 awards identify businesses that are mastering the art and science of growing a business. Organizations are evaluated based on five pillars of analysis: Revenue and Customers, Management Efficiency, Innovation, Financial Evaluation and Business Valuation.

Acceleration Partners is thrilled to be named to this list for the second year in a row and is honored to be recognized among so many groundbreaking organizations.

A full list of honorees can be found at https://www.entrepreneur.com/360.

Author: Allison McDevitt