January 21st 2021
Acceleration Partners' 2020 Year in Review

2020 ... The year of the great toilet paper crisis, remote work, homeschooling, virtual conferencing, figuring out how to use the mute button, virtual workouts, nasal swabs and "new normals." A year of challenging conversations, calls for change and commitments to do better.

To say that 2020 tested us beyond measure would be an understatement. However, even though the year brought many formidable obstacles and stressful situations, we were able to lean into our core values and make the best of a very difficult situation for our employees, clients and partners, and use our resources to support those in need during a global pandemic.

In 2020, we worked hard to focus on what we could control; on being grateful for what we had and not what we lost. We used the constraints and challenges we faced as a way to think about doing things in new ways. We also continued to invest in our people and their growth to prepare for the "new normal" in a post-pandemic world.

At a minimum, 2020 gave us an education we won't soon forget.


Company & Culture

Acceleration Partners Company and Culture 2020


New Clients!

We welcomed new clients, including:

Acceleration Partners 2020 New Clients


We Grew and Expanded Our Clients' Affiliate Programs!

We're proud to share that, even in a really difficult year, we were able to help many of our clients grow their business and affiliate programs.

Acceleration Partners 2020 client growth.


We Continued Our Global Growth

As more companies look to expand their affiliate programs into new markets and regions, we've expanded our team members and support resources in both EMEA and APAC.


Acceleration Partners EMEA and APAC Team 2020.


New Client Case Studies!

Acceleration Partners 2020 case studies.

For more affiliate marketing success stories, visit our Case Studies page.


Affiliate Industry Awards

Because of how we've helped companies around the globe realize high performance from their affiliate program, the affilate industry honored us with some notable industry awards.

Acceleration Partners Industry Awards 2020

Culture Awards

We also won some important awards recognizing us for our company culture.

Acceleration Partners 2020 culture awards.


Rising Stars

Members of our global team also received well-deserved recognition from PerformanceIN for their affiliate marketing expertise.


Acceleration Partners on PerformanceIN's 2020 Top 50 list.


Professional & Personal Training and Development

We continued to help our team members grow personally and professionally by offering a variety of training development opportunities throughout 2020.

Acceleration Partners 2020 employee training.


Charitable Giving

We donated to multiple organizations to support the important work they do and help those challenged by the events of 2020.

Acceleration Partners 2020 charitable giving.


We Held Our First Virtual AP Summit

(Check out our 2020 AP Summit recap blog post!)


Acceleration Partners 2020 AP Summit.


We Strengthened Collaborations with Industry Partners

Acceleration Partners 2020 industry partners.


Outperform Podcast

We had some impressive guests on our Outperform podcast who shared valuable insights into everything from affiliate marketing and affiliate program management to partner marketing, nontraditional affiliate partnerships and global affiliate marketing.


Acceleration Partners 2020 Outperform Podcast Guests

Ways to listen to our Outperform Podcast:

From our team to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy year ahead.

Acceleration Partners Team 2020


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