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AP_Bookcover_3D_SEORenoIn many ways, building a website is like building a house. Many sites that were put together on an ad hoc basis, piece by piece over the course of many years now resemble a ramshackle collection of rooms that don’t function together as a whole. E-commerce sites built like this are throwing money out the window with missed keyword opportunities and a poor user experience that prevents visitors from converting.

Just as the best houses are laid out by architects, the best websites are organized around a central goal, with each page performing a function that serves the whole. Giving your site an SEO renovation with an eye on user experience and overall marketing strategy can dramatically improve performance in organic search, conversion rates, and efficiencies in other channels.

This e-book explains how to revamp your site to drive both traffic and conversions, including:

  • Performing keyword research that explores areas of opportunity and guides overall strategy
  • Architecting a site structure that capitalizes on keyword opportunities
  • Designing pages that create a positive user experience and guide visitors toward purchase
  • Optimizing pages in a way that speaks to both Google and users