Need to improve your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)? Learn how to attract & retain high-value customers via Affiliate.

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The Cost Per Action (CPA) model is a key differentiator in the world of affiliate marketing. In this episode, Emily Ersbak, an Associate Account Director here at Acceleration Partners, unpacks what it means and why affiliate partnerships typically result in one of the lowest CPA marketing options for brands.

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Show Notes

  • What brands typically care about when it comes to CPA.
  • Why CPA goals and KPIs vary from company to company, especially with regard to where they’re at in their growth path.
  • Why affiliate programs tends to be a natural next step for younger brands that have been primarily leveraging paid social and paid search marketing to acquire clients and build brand recognition.
  • What larger, more establish brands tend to want from their cost per action compensation structures.
  • How CPA plays into how larger brands are testing campaigns and strategies with new partnerships as well as optimizing their existing partnerships.
  • How a brand’s affiliate team worked with their public relations team to align their influencer marketing campaigns within the affiliate model and pay those influencers on a cost per action basis.
  • What makes it possible for brands to know when a compensation-worthy action has been taken and refine that to optimize their partnerships.


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