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Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) has long been an important metric in traditional paid marketing channels (paid search, paid social, display, etc.). As affiliate marketing’s prominence has grown in the past few years – as well as its budget allocation – brands are looking more closely at this metric within their programs.

In this episode of Outperform, we’re joined by Tara Watson, an Affiliate Program Manager at Acceleration Partners, to discuss return on ad spend, its role within affiliate marketing and why affiliate’s CPA model tends to equate to higher ROAS.

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Show Notes

  • Why ROAS has become more of a focus for brands in recent years.
  • New partnerships brands are entering into via their affiliate program and how that’s impacting return on ad spend.
  • Challenges some brands face when trying to increase their return on ad spend – in their general digital marketing and within their affiliate programs.
  • Why ROAS is typically higher with affiliate marketing.
  • Insights from a leading direct-to-consumer meal delivery company on why they’re moving the majority of their digital marketing budget to affiliate.
  • ROAS misconceptions with affiliate marketing.


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Episode Transcription

Conversion Path Insights: 3 Key Takeaways to Increase ROAS in Your Partner Marketing


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