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The concept of Partner Marketing is changing and evolving – especially as it relates to performance-based partnerships.

In this Outperform episode we discuss what the term “Partner Marketing” has meant up until recently, what’s presently happening in the business and marketing realm that’s shifting the  definition of Partner Marketing, and how the future of partnerships is likely to be structured and defined.

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Show Notes

  • What the term “Partner Marketing” currently means to most brands.
  • What is happening that’s shifting those perspectives and changing people’s definition of the term Partner Marketing.
  • How the wants and needs of both brands and Performance Partners® are changing.
  • Perspectives on whether Partner Marketing is synonymous with Affiliate Marketing.
  • Helen and Bob’s definition of Partner Marketing.
  • How Partner Marketing is likely to continue to evolve in the coming years and what that will look like.
  • When Helen and Bob see their definition of Partner Marketing becoming more mainstream within brands and enterprises.
  • Challenges that could arise to slow the evolution of performance-based Partner Marketing.

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