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“Partners” come in all shapes and sizes. And thanks to significant advances in technology, this means that companies can create synergistic partnerships with just about anyone, and do so on a performance basis.

This also means that other teams within your company or organization – that fall outside of marketing — can play an essential role in helping attract high-value partners to your affiliate or partner program.

On this episode of Outperform, Acceleration Partners’ Senior Director of Performance Partnerships, Alison Chew, shares insider insights about:

  • Who these teams are.
  • The role they play in helping you attract high-value partners.
  • The role the affiliate marketing model plays in helping you grow, streamline and optimize these partnerships.

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Show Notes

  • What the affiliate/partner marketing landscape looks like today and where some untapped opportunities are within companies.
  • What it really it really means to pay partners on a performance basis.
  • Three teams that can personally benefit from guiding potential partners to the company’s affiliate program.
  • How the company benefits from having these non-marketing teams direct potential partners to their affiliate program.
  • Examples of business development “lite” partnerships and what it looks like to manage, track and measure their performance through an affiliate/partner program.
  • Example of a brand-to-brand partnership and the significantly untapped opportunities they bring to a company.
  • What it means to pay partners on a performance plus
  • The secret to working with high-value influencers on a performance plus basis.

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