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On this episode of Outperform, we profile Jesse Eisenberg, VP of Client Services for Elite SEM.

You’ll hear how he ventured into the world of digital marketing after a few years in the mortgage industry, his rise from account analyst to VP of Client Services at Elite SEM and his thoughts on how the digital marketing landscape has changed over the past five years.

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Show Notes

  • What he hated about sales when he was selling mortgages and how he learned to enjoy it in the digital marketing space
  • Jesse’s entrepreneurial enterprises while in college
  • What the culture was like at Elite SEM when Jesse was only the third employee
  • What the original Elite SEM employees are doing today
  • Thing the company is doing to outperform in the highly competitive world of digital marketing
  • How Jesse’s account management role has helped him in the world of digital marketing sales
  • Some of the biggest challenges that companies are facing in online/digital marketing today
  • What Elite SEM is doing to provide the analytics that clients are looking for
  • Jesse and the Elite SEM team’s approach to keeping on top of all the search engine and social media platform changes
  • What they’re doing as a company to ensure their client’s digital marketing performance remains steady and/or improving
  • How Elite SEM has been able to maintain a happy, award-winning culture as they’ve grown over the years
  • What Jesse’s enjoyed most throughout his career
  • One of Jesse’s favorite tools that he uses to help his team perform at a high level
  • Biggest mistake in his career that Jesse’s learned the most from


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