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On this episode of Outperform, Bob Glazer chats with NYT bestselling author and Scribe Writing co-founder, Tucker Max about why and how he and Zach Obront decided to start Scribe Writing, what the traditional publishing industry is really like, why he decided to step down as CEO of Scribe Writing and why he’s passionate about his new role within the company.

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Show Notes

  • The book that got Tucker Max on the New York Times bestseller list for the 4thtime
  • The inspiration behind why Tucker and Zach Obront started Scribe Writing, formerly Book in a Box
  • Some incredibly influential people who never wrote a book
  • The very first book Scribe Writing helped published
  • Impressive business results their first author realized from publishing her book through Scribe Writing
  • The difference between professional writers and people who own a company and want to author a book
  • Why a book is so valuable to people who have a business
  • How many copies of a book people typically must sell to hit bestseller lists
  • What it really means to get a publishing “deal” and the only way to get it
  • What traditional publishers expect of authors
  • How you can tell how much a publisher believes in your book by who they hire to design the cover
  • The realities of getting on the New York Times bestseller list
  • The one and only thing Tucker liked about being a CEO
  • What Tucker disliked about being CEO
  • How his meeting with JT McCormick evolved into him becoming Scribe Writing’s new CEO
  • Tucker’s new role at Scribe Writing now that he’s stepped down as CEO
  • New products/services that Scribe Writing is rolling out
  • The core values of Scribe Writing and why they’re public
  • Specific questions Tucker’s asked himself over the past few months to grow as a person, find his passions and outperform


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