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On this episode of Outperform, Bob Glazer chats with NYT bestselling author and Book In A Box co-founder, Tucker Max about why and how he and Zach Obront decided to start Book In A Box, what the traditional publishing industry is really like, why he decided to step down as CEO of Book In A Box and why he’s passionate about his new role within the company.

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Show Notes

  • The book that got Tucker Max on the New York Times bestseller list for the 4thtime
  • The inspiration behind why Tucker and Zach Obront started Book In A Box
  • Some incredibly influential people who never wrote a book
  • The very first book Book In A Box helped published
  • Impressive business results their first author realized from publishing her book through Book In A Box
  • The difference between professional writers and people who own a company and want to author a book
  • Why a book is so valuable to people who have a business
  • How many copies of a book people typically must sell to hit bestseller lists
  • What it really means to get a publishing “deal” and the only way to get it
  • What traditional publishers expect of authors
  • How you can tell how much a publisher believes in your book by who they hire to design the cover
  • The realities of getting on the New York Times bestseller list
  • The one and only thing Tucker liked about being a CEO
  • What Tucker disliked about being CEO
  • How his meeting with JT McCormick evolved into him becoming Book In A Box’s new CEO
  • Tucker’s new role at Book In A Box now that he’s stepped down as CEO
  • New products/services that Book In A Box is rolling out
  • The core values of Book In a Box and why they’re public
  • Specific questions Tucker’s asked himself over the past few months to grow as a person, find his passions and outperform


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