Need to improve your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)? Learn how to attract & retain high-value customers via Affiliate.

How the Industry’s Latest Transformation is Making Programs More Profitable and Brand-Supportive


Many affiliate programs that appear to be sources of easy revenue often prove to be major cost centers full of fraud and off-brand promotion upon closer inspection. Affiliate programs can deliver incremental and performance-based revenue, but only if merchants upgrade their inefficient first generation programs to Gen 2 programs that emphasize high-quality partners and multi-channel attribution.

In this eBook you’ll learn how to transform your affiliate program into a profitable channel for new customer acquisition by:

  • Investing in quality management
  • Valuing the right metrics
  • Altering payout to reward the most valuable affiliates
  • Recruiting high-quality affiliates to your program
  • Consolidating your program on one network
  • Demanding transparency