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When an AP affiliate program manager was promoted and transitioned off a client’s account, the new program manager followed the core pillars of AP’s Client Services Methodology to ensure the client received the same quality of service and maintained a high-value relationship with their account team.

Core Pillars of Service

Understandably, changes in account managers can lead to some misgivings on behalf of the client. To reestablish trust and confidence, the new account manager and team adhered to core pillars of AP’s Client Services Methodology, including:

Communicate Clearly
In almost every case, the individuals overseeing their internal affiliate program and the agency managing it has a lot on their plate. They are often pulled in a dozen different directions on any given day. This hustle and bustle can often trickle down to the affiliate program management account team.

To help calm the chaos, the team worked to keep communications focused on the priorities that had been established with the client – be it for that day, week, month, etc.

Understand the Why
At times, the client would come to their AP account team and request that something be done that wasn’t a part of their initial statement of work or on the priorities list. Instead of responding with, “No, we’re not able to do that,” the team delved deeper into the Why behind the request by asking the client clarifying questions.

Act Proactively
This team also made sure the client was up-to-date on what was taking place within their program – well in advance of the client inquiring about it. For example, the team consistently monitored the client’s program for fraud and search violations and would proactively update their client on it instead of waiting for the client to bring it up.

Something that all AP account managers understand is that affiliate programs should rarely – if ever – be managed with a one- size-fits-all approach. Clients and programs have nuanced needs. To effectively support them and cultivate long-term relationships, program management teams must simultaneously be responsive, genuine, collaborative and strategic while keeping expectations in check.

Client Feedback

To hear what the client had to say about our customized, collaborative and proactive approach to affiliate program management, download the full case study.

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