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An innovative, millennial-focused mobile app company offering members cash rewards when they spend with their favorite brands.

Performance Goals

  • Working with affiliate partners to drive quality leads for their app.
  • Ensuring their gross CPA stayed under $10 (including partner and network fees).
  • Modifying their program payout structure by moving away from paying partners on app registrations (top-of-funnel conversions) and toward paying all affiliate partners on linked members (more bottom-of-funnel conversions).


Client wanted their Acceleration Partners (AP) account team to substantially expand and diversify their current affiliate program in 6 months.

Setting Expectations

To balance achieving the client’s goals while maintaining quality in the program, the AP team recommended:

  • Gradually moving existing affiliate partners to a commission structure that paid them on linked user conversions.
  • Scaling the program by recruiting and activating new partners and paying them only on bottom-of-the-funnel conversions (linked members).
  • Reviewing the client’s internal reporting for additional metrics (outside of existing tracking) to monitor bottom-of-funnel conversion rates.

Partner Performance

In addition to optimizing and educating the client’s existing partners and gradually moving them toward a commission structure that paid them on new linked members, the AP team also proceeded with recruiting new affiliate partners into their program and helping them optimize their promotions.


To ensure the high volume of clicks being driven were genuine, the AP team performed a fraud analysis to determine average click to conversion time for these sources. Any questionable click attribution activity that was found resulted in the team immediately pausing the accounts of the sources and investigating further to ensure all partner activity was closely monitored and evaluated.

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