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Summary: Recruiting and optimizing a new type of affiliate partnership helped an Acceleration Partners client exceed their Y/Y revenue goal by over 145%.

A Slump in Sales

Since the inception of our client’s affiliate program, coupon affiliates played a key role in helping drive sales to their online marketplace of independent artists.

However, as time went on, the client grew concerned that these sales weren’t incremental. So, in 2015, the client decided to only accept content affiliates into their program. To accommodate their request, the Acceleration Partners team focused efforts on recruiting, activating and optimizing content-focused affiliates (bloggers, review sites, etc.).

A Partnership Shift

Appreciating the client’s displeasure with the performance of their affiliate program, the Acceleration Partners team quickly introduced a solution: add brand-aligned loyalty affiliates to the program.

The client agreed to tests optimizing their program with loyalty affiliates – as long as their marketing initiatives weren’t too promotional and only included cash back offers.

Impressive Impact

In July 2017, the AP team launched a test with one loyalty affiliate (Loyalty Affiliate A). In that month, Loyalty Affiliate A drove $50k in total revenue for the client’s program. This brought program revenue projections back up so that they were now down only 1 percent to program projections.

In August of 2017, the AP team tested an optimization campaign with Loyalty Affiliate A. In addition to receiving a prominent placement on Loyalty Affiliate A’s home page, a spotlight in one of their newsletters and a feature on their Back to School section of their website, they had Loyalty Affiliate A test a 10% off vanity code on all orders.

The results?

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