What is Online Marketing Strategy?

You don’t start building a house by hiring a carpenter—you hire an architect. A marketing strategist is the architect for your website. It’s his or her job to figure out your needs and wants, translate those into workable plans and provide the proper oversight. Without this planning, what you get may not fit your needs or your budget.

Many business owners and marketing managers unfortunately skip this critical step. They build a website without a clear mutual understanding of scope or priorities (think a house framed for a ranch when you wanted a colonial or framed out for 4,000 square feet when you wanted a 2,000 square foot home). Or they will start a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign without understanding the work being done. Too often, the result is not properly tied to business objectives (think kitchen on the second floor) and as a result the business owner and the vendor may have very different definitions of success or completion. This often leads to expensive mistakes and dissatisfaction. Acceleration Partners provides high level strategy and project management, bridging the gap between the business and the technical and design implementation teams.

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