Webinar Recap: Happy Employees Lead to Happy Clients – Creating a World-Class Culture to Boost Retention

Webinar Recap: Happy Employees Lead to Happy Clients – Creating a World-Class Culture to Boost Retention


Training employees to deliver an unforgettable customer experience is critical to any business, but knowing how to do that is really the underlying question. Emily Tetto, Director of Talent & Culture of Acceleration Partners and BJ Shannon, Head of Customer Happiness at TINYpulse recently hosted a webinar that unlocked the secret to client retention –and it all boils down to one word: happiness.

Creating a culture that empowers employees to feel motivated and committed on a daily basis is the key to creating happiness with employees and clients alike. Research has shown that employee happiness directly relates to whether or not a client refers your company. In fact, companies with high employee happiness scores have a 30% higher chance of receiving referrals than those with a low employee happiness score:

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At Acceleration Partners, we’ve seen this correlation of happiness first hand. The graph below is an example of our TINYpulse happiness rating averages over the last 12 months:

As you can see in the graph above, we’ve noticed that, over time, happiness levels  dip toward the end of the year when employees are stretched; but they  spike after engaging events like our company meeting, which is filled with team building activities and planning sessions.

What’s interesting is that, if we were to overlay our CLIENTpulse results and our client NPS (Net Promotor Score), you would actually see a direct correlation.

In Q4 2015, when our employee capacity was at an all-time high, our client NPS was about 7.4, on average. Contrarily, in Q1 2016, there is a spike in employee happiness after our company meeting and the client NPS actually jumped to an 8.2 average.

Fostering Happiness in the Workplace

There are several ways you can foster happiness in the workplace to help increase client retention. At Acceleration Partners, we strive for our employees to feel valued by allowing them to be heard and by showing appreciation for their work. Here are two effective ways we approach this:

1. Having a culture based on open and honest feedback

By using tools like TINYpulse, we are able to keep a pulse of what’s happening in the workplace. We are also able to reinforce positive work behaviors and tie that recognition into our core values. We share this feedback on company calls to keep the communication completely transparent.

2.  Alleviate stress through work-life balance

Having a healthy work-life integration and allowing employees to disconnect when needed helps to alleviate stress in the workplace and create happiness for employees. It’s extremely important for employees to take time away from work, to recharge and spend time with family and friends.

So what happens when happiness levels are low? In our company, we set a baseline score for employee happiness; anyone who scores lower will be contacted through TINYpulse to see if they would like to set up time with HR or their manager to discuss what’s going on.

By opening up the lines of communication, we are able to make an assessment on whether or not it’s something we can fix and how we can work with the employee to find a solution. Sometimes this means moving employees into a new role that better suits their strengths.

Clients want to work with happy people who have an “all-in” attitude, so having employees who show up to work each day with a positive outlook are sure to have a positive impact on their client communication. Ensuring employees are happy, respected, and treated well means your customers are too!

If you missed the live webinar and would like to watch it on demand, the recording is available here.

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