Webinar Recap: Going East & Going West – Taking your Affiliate Program Global

Webinar Recap: Going East & Going West – Taking your Affiliate Program Global


What’s driving the latest trends in global affiliate marketing? How should you assess new markets before you expand your affiliate program in them? What factors limit successful affiliate programs’ expansion?

These questions and more were answered on our recent “Going East & Going West” webinar that we held with our friends at Affiliate Window.

Affiliate marketing spend has been rising in both US and European markets – and for good reason. It’s one of the most effective customer acquisition channels available and, since results are trackable, it has an ROI among the highest of any online channel.

Every day, e-commerce grows more and more global. Worldwide retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $1.9 trillion this year according to eMarketer; affiliate plays a significant role in brands’ ability to generate those online sales and revenue.

In fact, in the UK, affiliate marketing contributes 8 to 10 percent of UK digital marketing spend and 1 percent of UK’s total GDP.


In the US, 16 percent of e-commerce orders were generated by affiliate channels in 2015.


With such impressive numbers in both the US and UK, it’s no surprise that companies want to expand their affiliate programs globally. While understandable, this ambition is not always prudent – especially if the key elements aren’t carefully evaluated.

If you are considering taking your affiliate program global, essential factors to assess include:

  • Availability of teams on the ground with affiliate expertise
  • Domain expertise and key affiliate relationships in the new market
  • Language differences
  • Competition in the new market
  • Shipping nuances
  • The different network players in the new market
  • Program management variances in the new market
  • The role of industry groups/associations in the new market
  • Regulation and compliance requirements in the new market
  • Who the biggest publishers are in the new market
  • Emerging publishers in the new market
  • The geography of the new market

Robert Glazer (Managing Director of Acceleration Partners) and Kevin Edward (Global Client Strategy Director of Affiliate Window) walk you through each of these areas and why they are so important. They also address common pitfalls that many companies fall in to when expanding their affiliate program into new markets.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend our live webinar, you’re in luck! We recorded it so you can access the full webinar and not miss out on a thing.

You’ll also glean interesting facts and stats that might surprise you, such as:

  • Online spending variances per person across the US and Europe
  • Share of European online ad revenue by market
  • Differences in Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales for the US vs UK
  • The importance of Black Friday across different countries (the results may surprise you!)
  • Digital ad spend by country

To access all these great global insights from our webinar, go here.

To learn more tips and best practices for taking your affiliate program global, reach out to our Affiliate Marketing team.