Exciting Updates to Facebook’s Dynamic Ads and Website Custom Audiences

Exciting Updates to Facebook’s Dynamic Ads and Website Custom Audiences


Facebook just announced a variety of updates this week – specifically to Dynamic Ads and Website Custom Audiences – that just might improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

Here’s a quick breakdown of these updates:

Expanded Functionality for Dynamic Ads
(formerly called Dynamic Product Ads)

Dynamic Ads* for Instagram

Many advertisers on Facebook have long been using Dynamic Ads with great success, but haven’t been able to on Instagram. Now, they can.While many advertisers already use Instagram to promote their products, manually tailoring ad creative and targeting for every product in their catalog is time-consuming. By having access to Dynamic Ads, advertisers can showcase all of their products automatically with dynamic creative and targeting, allowing them to show the right product to the right person every time.

To run Dynamic Ads across all of your placements, simply select Instagram and Audience Network under “Placement” when creating your Dynamic Ad.

*Dynamic Ads automate product advertising by showing people ads featuring items they’ve expressed interest in—either by viewing it or adding it to their cart—or items related to ones they’ve shown interest in or purchased. And now businesses using Dynamic Ads can easily connect with more potential customers on mobile.

Dynamic Ads for Travel

To make it easier for travel advertisers to connect with people planning and booking trips across devices, Facebook added new travel-specific dimensions, including location and time. Dynamic Ads for Travel will allow advertisers to show relevant messages to people who have expressed interest in traveling to specific destinations and during specific dates.For example, a travel business can connect with people who viewed a hotel on their website by showing them an ad featuring the hotel they viewed along with similar hotels in the area.

Now, advertisers can also help people complete their trips by showing relevant hotels to people who have purchased flights on their website or in their app.

What’s more is that hotel options shown can now include dynamic availability and pricing, so people always see the most up-to-date information.

Dynamic Ads for Travel are currently in testing with several advertisers. Facebook will provide updates when Dynamic Ads for Travel are more widely available across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network.

Advanced Capability to Custom Audiences

The advanced options for Custom Audiences that Facebook rolled out are designed to help advertisers differentiate between and connect with visitors who display different types of behavior on their website – because we all know that some website visitors are more valuable to a business than others.

For example, if a business knows that someone who visits their website twice a month is more likely to make a purchase in the next 30 days, then it may make sense to connect with them more than once a month. The updates to Custom Audiences makes it possible to do just that.

To get more detailed, the new targeting options that advertisers can now create with Website Custom Audiences are:

  • Frequency: how many times someone does a certain thing, like visit a page
  • Time spent: how much time someone spent doing a certain thing, like exploring a website or viewing a specific page
  • Dynamic date: a range of dates the person has shown interest in, like for a flight or a hotel reservation
  • Aggregated values: total amount a person has spent
  • Devices: including Android, iOS devices, desktop and other mobile devices

These advanced behavior criteria enable advertisers to move beyond creating audiences based solely on webpage visits and events to being able to segment their audience by the intensity of their interest.

Creating audience segments in this way also helps advertisers understand and bid on the true value of an action from a person, so they can drive conversions more efficiently across devices.

To access this feature from Ads Manager or Power Editor, select “Custom Combination” when creating a Website Custom Audience. Then be sure that “Advanced Mode” is turned on.

Hopefully these recent Facebook updates will help you better identify and connect with your most valuable website visitors and mobile app users!

For more information about how to implement these new features to drive more sales across devices, connect with our Paid Marketing team.