Top 10 Phrases Americans Should Know When Working with Brits

Acceleration Partners

As Acceleration Partners has just launched in the UK and EMEA region, we thought we’d take this chance to translate some of the phrases one is likely to hear from their British colleagues, especially if they work in affiliate marketing program management.

BP= British person

AT= American translation

BP  – “I’m slightly concerned with the performance of this publisher, we should probably look at pausing them in the programme.”

AT – “I’m extremely worried about the performance of this publisher, we should remove them from the program immediately!”

BP – “I’m chuffed to bits with the results of that re-engagement campaign in our client’s affiliate programme.”

AT – “I’m very happy with the results of that re-engagement campaign in our client’s affiliate program.”

BP – “Whose brew round is it?”

AT- “Who is going to make me a cup of tea?”

BP – “Ta for getting me that report.”

AT- “Thanks for sending me that report.”

BP – “Howay man, come for a couple of jars after work?”

AT – “Would you like to come to the pub to have a few beers after work?”

BP– “I dropped a clanger at work today.”

AT – “I made a mistake at work today and really embarrassed myself.”

BP – “This affiliate is the dog’s bollocks.”

AT – “This affiliate is the best partner ever.”

BP –”That advertiser is not too bad to work with.”

AT – “That advertiser is very good to work with.”

BP – “Kevin has really been slacking with this EOM reporting, I’m going to stick a rocket up his backside.”

AT – “Kevin hasn’t done any of his EOM reporting, I need to have chat with him make sure he gets it done as soon as possible.”

BP – “I was so knackered after work yesterday.”

AT– “I was extremely tired after work yesterday.”

I hope this serves as useful reference when working with your British counterparts. If you only take away one point from this post, remember that making a good brew (tea) is an easy way to win us over!

On a more serious note, there are many differences when running an affiliate program in the UK.

As Robert Glazer quite rightly points out in his book Performance Partnerships®, “Almost the entire UK affiliate industry is based in London and members of the industry naturally connect quite regularly.”

As a result, if you’re in London on business, don’t be surprised if you’re invited to a meeting at the pub. It’s where some of the best affiliate relationships are made!

With having hundreds of employees across dozens of countries, Acceleration Partners is uniquely positioned to effectively manage affiliate programs globally.

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