FTC Targets Sixty Companies over Improper Disclosures

FTC Targets Sixty Companies over Improper Disclosures

2000px-US-FederalTradeCommission-Seal.svgRecently the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) sent letters of warning to sixty companies that made improper disclosures in print and TV ads, including twenty of the largest advertisers in the country.

The action, dubbed Operation Full Disclosure, singled out ads featuring disclosures that were hard to find, misleading, or lacking in important information. Those sixty companies will have to correct the ads in question, and the FTC recommends that all companies review all of their advertisements to make sure disclosures are “clear and conspicuous” and in line with all FTC guidelines.

Now is an excellent time to review not only your paid marketing ads but also campaigns that your affiliate partners are running. Operation Full Disclosure follows on the heels of some pretty major updates the FTC made to its online policies last year. These guidelines have hit affiliate marketing particularly hard, as programs need to make sure that each individual affiliate is promoting the brand in accordance to the guidelines set by the FTC.

The new guidelines require bloggers to include a “conspicuous” disclosure explaining that the author was compensated for featuring the product on his blog or is part of a company’s affiliate program, regardless of whether a post is endorsing a product or just discussing its merits.

Some have argued the guidelines aren’t fair to affiliate marketers, but regardless, affiliate programs need to comply with them as long as they are the law. You can imagine how gargantuan a task this can be when you consider that many affiliate programs have hundreds or even thousands of affiliates.

Making sure affiliates comply with FTC guidelines is just one more task heaped on completely overwhelmed in-house program managers. In some casese these guidlines might be ignored entirely at the risk of an FTC penalty.

The best thing brands can do is to be proactive about making sure all advertising complies with the disclosure guidelines. Don’t wait for the FTC to send you a warning. Audit all of your advertisements and don’t forget about your affiliate program too.

And if making sure your affiliates comply with FTC disclosures seems like too daunting a task, consider enlisting the help of an experienced, hands-on affiliate program management team who can make sure your affiliate partners are promoting your brand within the letter of the law.

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