Storefronts Expand the Potential of Affiliate Marketing

tp_final_logoThe affiliate marketing team here at Acceleration Partners is always looking for innovative new ways to work with our clients and expand the scope of their programs. One of our new successful methods is the creation of storefronts that allow our merchants to partner with all kinds of non-traditional affiliates who otherwise wouldn’t be involved in affiliate marketing at all.

How It Works

A merchant creates a partnership with a school or other nonprofit cause, and sets up a co-branded storefront on their website. When supporters of the organization click on the co-branded Storefront tracking link and make a purchase from the site, the merchant donates a portion of the sale to the organization. The storefront is thus a mutually beneficial arrangement, driving extra business to the merchant and making it easy for schools and other organizations to raise money.

For example Acceleration Partners helped facilitate a Tiny Prints storefront for Highlands Preschool in Piedmont, California. Tiny Prints set up a co-branded page on the Tiny Prints website featuring Highlands Preschool’s name and pictures and an assortment of Tiny Prints products.

The storefront allowed parents and other friends of the school to purchase personalized holiday cards from Tiny Prints. For every purchase someone made through this special storefront, Tiny Prints donated 13% of the sale to the school.

The storefront was a win-win for everyone. For Tiny Prints, it brought in sales that might not ordinarily have come in. For the school, it was an efficient tech-friendly way to raise money. For parents, it was a great way to support the school while buying holiday cards they likely would have purchased anyway. With programs like these, the days of kids tediously going door-to-door peddling popcorn or wrapping paper or flower bulbs are quickly fading.

The Potential of Storefronts

The most exciting aspect of storefronts is that they turn entities not normally involved in affiliate marketing into high-quality affiliates. And because they have a personal relationship with the people they’re referring, it’s much easier for them to make a sale.

Storefronts aren’t limited to schools and other nonprofits. Almost any professional can be turned into an affiliate; the sky’s the limit.

Let’s say a sporting goods company wants to create an affiliate storefront. They could establish relationships with personal trainers and set up a special section of their site to which these trainers could refer their clients. When the clients make a purchase, the sporting goods company makes a sale they otherwise might not have and the trainers earn a commission. Everybody wins.

AP is excited to continue exploring the potential of storefronts in 2014. For more information about our unique approach to affiliate marketing, please visit our Affiliate Program Management page.


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