Special Episode – “Truth, Transparency, and ‘Tails”: Visionary vs Integrator

Special Episode – “Truth, Transparency, and ‘Tails”: Visionary vs Integrator

“If you’re a Visionary and you’re always getting along with your Integrator, something is wrong in the dynamic.” – Robert Glazer

As a part of our Outperform podcast series, we’re opening up the AP kimono a bit with special episodes that we’re calling “Truth, Transparency, and ‘Tails”.

On these “Truth, Transparency, and ‘Tails” episodes, Bob Glazer (AP’s founder and managing director) and Matt Wool (general manager) transparently tackle tough business topics– which is why they wanted to ensure their chats involved cocktails (hence the “‘tails” part of these episodes).

Here are a few things you’ll learn when you listen in:

  • Why the Visionary does in a company and what the Integrator does
  • Why both of these roles are essential to an organization’s success – no matter the size
  • What Bob and Matt are drinking (Hint. It’s not tea)
  • Why these roles are sometimes at odds with one another
  • Challenges companies face when they either only have a Visionary or only have an Integrator.
  • Why Matt’s wife calls Bob his “other” wife

Listen to this special episode now.