Sol de Janeiro Selects Acceleration Partners to Manage Partner Program

Sol de Janeiro Selects Acceleration Partners to Manage Partner Program

We are excited to announce that Sol de Janeiro has selected Acceleration Partners to manage their affiliate program!

About Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro is a Brazilian bath and body products company. Their body-loving products are addictive, with delicious fragrances and luxurious textures that stimulate all the senses. Sol’s products will instantly transport you to a feeling of summer bliss that never ends.

Sol encourages you to play up your best assets and celebrate what you’ve got. Of course, this means soft, glowing skin that invites touch… and makes you smile. Sol offers a full range of products, including their Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance and Coco Cabana Cream.

The Sol de Janeiro affiliate program offers a competitive way to turn your site’s traffic into legitimate revenue. Sol de Janeiro is looking to partner with content affiliates focused on beauty, body and lifestyle blogging, videos and content. Qualified publishers can earn a generous 8% commission.

Affiliate partners interested in joining or learning more about the Sol de Janeiro affiliate program should check out their affiliate information page on our Partner Hub.

For brands wanting to learn more about Acceleration Partners’ approach to affiliate program management, visit our Global Services page.


More About Sol de Janeiro

We think beauty isn’t a universal standard, but an attitude – a confidence that comes when you feel good in your skin. It’s about playing up your best assets and celebrating what’s unique and joyful. And what feels good. Our brand of beauty is more of a head-to-toe sensuality, a universal body language that says so much and comes through in a warm smile, a saunter, a samba. It’s smooth, glowy, dewy skin that’s irresistible to touch – and flaunt. And gorgeous to look at.

It’s an addictively delicious fragrance that invites you to breathe deep and inspires you to feel deeply. With passion and playfulness. Brazilian Beautiful is fun, spontaneous, full of life – and always contagious. Inspired by Brazilian Beauty Secrets, our products just have a way of bringing people together, inviting touch, sharing, and inspiring feel-good feelings.

And we love your body with all our Sol. To learn more, visit