Is Your Site Ready for Super Bowl XLIX?

Is Your Site Ready for Super Bowl XLIX?

SuperBowlThe Super Bowl is renowned for its television ads. It’s one of the few times people actually sit down in front of the TV in anticipation of the ads. For some of the country’s biggest corporations, those million dollar ad spots become a battleground that can reap huge benefits in buzz the following days.

But what if your business is an e-commerce site without much of a television budget? Don’t worry, you can still cash in on the collective excitement that grips the country every Super Bowl Sunday.

You don’t have to advertise at the Super Bowl in order to take advantage of the event. The weeks leading up to the game could be good for business, especially if you sell products related to sports or entertaining. The following tips are an easy way to get in on the action through Facebook advertising.

If your products are completely unrelated, Super Bowl Sunday will be just like any other day of the year, but these tips will be useful for any big events that affect your business.

Take Advantage of Custom Audiences

An easy way to take advantage of the big game is remarketing to previous customers on Facebook through its Custom Audience functionality. This allows you to upload lists of people whose information you already have. Facebook will use the email addresses or phone numbers you upload to connect to those people’s profiles and serve them ads.

You could upload lists of people who have purchased from your site before and serve them ads with football or NFL party supplies in the weeks before the big game. It could be a great way to remind people of an upcoming party and inspire a purchase.

You can really get creative in terms of how you segment the lists on your end, if you have a large customer base. For people who frequently buy plates, you can serve them ads with plates featuring imagery from the two competing teams. For repeat napkin buyers, you can show them an ad with Super Bowl napkins. You can even create separate segments for people who live in the regions around the two competing teams, so you can feature only gear sporting the logo of their particular team.

Custom Audiences have useful implications for almost every business involved in Facebook advertising. They’re great all year round, but when it comes to special promotions or big sales days, the options are almost endless.

Target Interests to Find New Customers

The Super Bowl could also be a good opportunity to interest some new customers. If you offer a lot of NFL team gear, you could target people who like the two teams in the Super Bowl on Facebook and then serve them ads with a variety of team products. It could be a good way to connect with potential new customers at a time of year they’re likely to splurge on gear to support their team.

These strategies could be great for the Super Bowl, but try working them into your strategy throughout the rest of the year too. Contact us or learn more about how we could help power your paid marketing strategy.