8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Ensure you are Prepared to Transition from an Office to a Home Office – Part 2


Welcome back to our post about transitioning from an office to a home office! Let’s pick up right where we left off – with the next 4 questions to ask yourself to ensure you are mentally and physically prepared to make the leap.

5. How resilient am I?

In an office environment, you may have colleagues you can burn the midnight oil with if you have to work late or who you can go grab a drink with to hash out a difficult day.  When you work from home in relative isolation, you need to have different types of strategies in place to pick yourself up when you’re having a tough day. That may mean turning off the computer for a bit, going for a walk, etc. The point is to be honest with yourself about how you deal with difficult situations when there aren’t others around to lean on.

6. How will working from home positively AND negatively affect me?

Will it allow you to avoid commuting in terrible traffic? Will it make it easier to coach your kid’s soccer team? Consider the social aspect as well. Will you miss interacting face-to-face with colleagues throughout your day, being able to walk down the hall to ask someone a question, eating lunch with colleagues, etc.? Some people who work remotely can get a bit of cabin fever and find the isolation to be a real challenge. This is why it’s important to assess how comfortable you are working alone with no one around to bounce ideas off of or go grab a coffee with. Definitely weigh the positives and negatives when considering a transition to a virtual work environment.

7. How confident am I?

This may seem like an unusual question to ask, but confidence is actually an important attribute for remote workers. More often than not, you’ll be using the phone and or a video to present information or collaborate with team members and you may not be able to see them smiling or nodding their head during your discussion. If you prefer visual recognition to confirm that you are going a good job or getting your point across, you may find these types of interactions frustrating.  It also relates to how you seek help and support. When you have questions, ideas to share or need help, it’s important to have the confidence to reach out to team members who you may not see every day or know as well as you might if you worked with them in an office.

8. What’s your comfort level with technology?

Technology is what has made it possible for millions of workers to work remotely. From software to hardware, technology allows team members to communicate and collaborate with each other and their clients anywhere, anytime. Therefore, it’s essential to have a solid comfort level using technology and being able to trouble-shoot when things aren’t working right. If your video conference connection is choppy, you may have to stop a program from running in the background or up your internet speed. Does the idea of collaborating on projects through a cloud-based project management software excite your or cause alarm bells to go off in your mind?

Working remotely full-time is the ideal work situation for many. Nevertheless, it is not without its challenges. Before seeking a company with a remote work culture or accepting a position with them, ask yourself these questions to ensure that you’ll be both physically and mentally prepared.

If you’ve asked yourself these 8 questions and still think that working remotely would be a good fit for you, then be sure to check out our Careers page to see our most recent job openings. We are always looking to speak with new talent and digital and affiliate marketing enthusiasts like us!