Profile of a Growth Marketer: Stephen Zanette, Adidas Group

Profile of a Growth Marketer: Stephen Zanette, Adidas Group


Profile of a growth marketer is an ongoing blog series featuring top talent in the field of digital marketing. 

Reebok is a global brand with roots in personal fitness. The company creates and markets sports and lifestyle products that reflect creativity and challenging the status quo.  Reebok is on a mission to change how people perceive and experience physical activity, encouraging them to live up to their full potential.

What’s it like to work at a brand that helps people fulfill their true fitness goals? We asked Stephen Zanette, Affiliate Marketing Specialist at Adidas Group to share his experience.

What is your role at Reebok and what attracted you to it?

I manage the affiliate marketing program for Out of college, I worked for an online travel company and when I learned about the position at Reebok, I was excited about coupling my love of sports and fitness with my passion for developing cutting-edge marketing strategies.

One of the best parts of managing Reebok’s affiliate program is working with first-rate content partners. For many of them, playing sports and pursuing personal fitness goals has changed their lives. It’s rewarding to see them inform their readers about their experiences and encourage them to follow in their footsteps.

What is a typical day in the life?

There really isn’t a typical day. I usually check reporting every morning to see what is and isn’t working. This ensures we understand long-term performance yet at the same time make the most of short-term opportunities.

We frequently collaborate with the email and branding teams to create campaigns that excite our affiliate partners and devise tactics to improve our conversion rates. Our latest global brand campaign, “Be More Human”, encourages people to live up to their full fitness potential and be the best version of themselves.  We carry this theme into our affiliate programs, collaborating with our partners to demonstrate how we’ve helped to improve people’s lives.

Storytelling is very important factor in the success of our affiliate programs. There are so many products offered in the sporting and fitness world that putting a face to our brand and showing how we’ve made a person’s life better can have a big impact.

We’ve developed strong affiliate practices and relationships with the team at Acceleration Partners. We’re always looking for new affiliate partners who are aligned with our brand such as bloggers who write about fitness, healthy living, yoga nutrition, etc.

What do you view as the main digital marketing growth opportunities?

One of the biggest opportunities is finding more content partners who share their stories about how they have achieved their fitness goals. Whether it’s our latest fitness apparel or a new running shoe, they can share how our products have impacted their lives. This not only helps us to raise awareness of our products but we also bring their stories back to our product team, influencing future products. We are always investing in and developing new products so we can quickly respond to what customers are looking for.

What are the advantages of working with Acceleration Partners?

The best aspect of working with Acceleration Partners is coming up with new ideas and continuously improving our campaigns. We regularly review the latest trends, technologies and best practices to develop new strategies and tactics to boost results. We also make decisions based on data, so reporting is critical.  We work closely with Acceleration Partners to analyze performance and take actions seamlessly.

Yet another draw to Acceleration Partners is their operational program expertise and established relationships with platform partners and affiliates. Partnering with them means we have the manpower and resources to properly manage and grow our affiliate program.

What do you find most rewarding about working at Reebok?

Reebok is an ideal place to work for sports enthusiasts. The company views fitness as a lifestyle and encourages all employees to be active.  At Reebok’s campus, we can take a workout class at the company gym or attend a CrossFit session.  There’s also a basketball court and an indoor track. The focus on work life balance is a huge plus.

What also excites me is the opportunity to learn; every day is a new challenge and I’m around people who all want to do more for the brand. The company culture highly supports growth and collaboration, driving us to win as a team.

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