Profile of a Growth Marketer: Jesse Eisenberg, Elite SEM

Profile of a Growth Marketer: Jesse Eisenberg, Elite SEM

Profile of a Growth Marketer is an ongoing series where we feature performance marketing industry leaders from around the globe.

We recently attended eTail West in Palm Springs, where “the top minds at America’s most successful retailers meet and learn.”

And since the vast majority of these industry-leading retailers leverage affiliate and digital marketing, it’s also where we met up with Jesse Eisenberg, VP of Client Services with one of our partners, Elite SEM.

Elite SEM has experienced significant growth in the past few years, which is especially notable in the highly-competitive world of digital marketing. Since Jesse was employee #3 when he was first hired at Elite SEM, we sat down with him while at eTail West to ask him about his personal marketing journey, his career within the company and what he thinks has allowed Elite SEM to remain an industry leader.

You can hear the full interview on our Outperform podcast.

Here are some insights Jesse shares during his podcast interview:

  • How he found himself immersed in the world of digital marketing after working in the mortgage industry
  • How his account management experience helped him in his sales role
  • His thoughts on how digital marketing change over the past five years
  • Challenges that companies are facing in online/digital marketing today
  • How Elite SEM stays competitive and attracts such a remarkable list of clients
  • Elite SEM’s approach to staying on top of the consistent and numerous search engine and social media platform changes
  • Things Elite SEM is doing to create an award-winning culture within their organization and how they’re maintaining that amid rapid growth
  • A career mistake that Jesse’s learned the most from

You can learn more by listening to the full podcast episode here.