Profile of a Growth Marketer: Ha Nguyen, Stella & Dot

Profile of a Growth Marketer: Ha Nguyen, Stella & Dot


Profile of a growth marketer is an ongoing blog series featuring top talent in the field of affiliate and online marketing. 

Social selling is seeing massive growth and Stella & Dot is at the forefront, creating flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for women.  Their boutique-style jewelry and accessories are available exclusively online and through in-home Trunk Shows by independent stylist.

With over 40,000 independent business owners in six countries and 400 employees, their innovative social shopping concept combines e-commerce, social media, and personal services to drive more than 200 million in annual sales.

What’s it like to run digital marketing for one of the most socially innovative online retailers?  We asked Stella & Dot’s Ha Nguyen, Marketing Manager, Online Acquisition & Analytics.

What is your role, and what attracted you to it?

I manage online acquisition for Stella & Dot.  I got my start working for an agency doing print advertising but quickly grew frustrated that we had to “hope for the best” as there wasn’t a way to precisely measure campaigns.  I moved into a role managing SEM, social media and affiliate marketing making sure all of the channels worked together and analyzing their performance.

What attracted me to this role is that our marketing team at Stella & Dot is a highly analytical group.  We all understand that campaigns don’t run in a silo and by understanding each channel’s role in the customer journey we can have a huge impact on performance. Digital marketing is an exciting space and I love how it changes so often.

What is a typical day like?

It varies every day. I manage four channels, SEM, SEO, social and affiliate marketing and have a daily “to-do” list that includes checking on performance.  I review how our SEM campaigns are performing and make adjustments if needed, including new tests to run or refreshing creative. Then I dive into our SEO data to understand what’s happening and how we can optimize our site.  Last, I check on our affiliate program and make sure all of the metrics match with our internal tracking methodology.  I also spend time communicating with the leadership team and reporting on our progress.

What do you view as the biggest digital marketing growth opportunities?

The way people consume media has changed dramatically.  Mobile marketing isn’t going anywhere and we regularly see people interact with our brand across devices. We are also seeing people engage with influencers who have a strong following on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms to inform their purchasing decisions.  For us, the real magic happens when we effectively execute a campaign across social media, blogger affiliates, PR and SEM.

What are the advantages of working with Acceleration Partners?

Our partnership with Acceleration Partners is really what drives a lot of our success.  They couple strategic expertise with high-quality execution so we get the best results.  I can’t imagine managing all of the different program initiatives or affiliate relationships on my own or with a small in-house team. The Acceleration Partners team is highly engaged and proactive; they are always taking steps so we can drive more value from our digital channels.

What do you like best about working at Stella & Dot?

The people are fantastic.  We have a large marketing team and we are all working together towards a common goal.  I am privileged to collaborate with different agencies which allows me to learn something new every day.  The more we learn and communicate with each other, the better the company performs overall.  I look forward to coming into work each day because of the people and enjoying what I do.

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