[Podcast] How to Avoid PTSD in Your Affiliate Management Agency Relationship


Many companies have an in-house team (often one person) overseeing their affiliate program and then they partner with an affiliate management agency to manage the day-to-day needs of the program.

Like any relationship, this can either be a collaborative, productive, rewarding partnership or one fraught with frustration and despair.

In this episode, Veronica Morales, Account Director at Acceleration Partners, shares her experience from both perspectives and gives perceptive best practices for how both groups can work effectively together.

If you have an in-house affiliate team and work with – or are thinking about working with – an affiliate management agency, listen to this episode to save yourself time and money, and prevent affiliate management agency PTSD.

We cover a lot in this episode, including:

  • Veronica’s experience working with a company that has a relatively large in-house affiliate team
  • The typical role of each entity (in-house and agency)
  • Why company with an in-house affiliate team want or need to work with an agency
  • When it makes sense for a company to have their in-house team manage their affiliate program and when it makes sense for an affiliate management agency to do so
  • Misconceptions about managing an affiliate program that leads to companies thinking, “Oh, we can do this in-house. We don’t need an agency.”
  • Common struggles that an in-house team has when working with an affiliate management agency
  • Best practices for agencies working with a company’s in-house team and vice versa

Listen to it HERE.

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