Outperform Podcast: June Episode Recap

This June, we were able to chat with best-selling author Joey Coleman on how to help companies create unique, attention-grabbing customer experiences so that they stay with a company long after the sale. Additionally, we caught up with members of AP’s Publisher Development team, Alison Chew and Cassandra Scarbeck, to learn about what card-linked offers are and how merchants are working with them to add incremental value to their affiliate marketing programs.



Bestselling author, Joey Coleman, talked with AP founder and CEO Robert Glazer and explained how to create a customer experience that will generate an army of raving fans who will stay with you for years to come and tell everyone great things about your company along the way.

Joey is the founder and Chief Experience Composer of Design Symphony and recently published his first book, Never Lose a Customer Again.

A Few Topics Discussed

  • Why the first 100 days are so critical to the long-term success of a company
  • What customers are “dying for” from company reps they work with
  • What companies should do at the beginning, middle and end of the first 100 days after a client comes on board
  • How the best companies should commission their sales teams and account managers to encourage customer retention

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For our quarterly publisher spotlight, Alison Chew and Cassandra Scarbeck of AP’s Publisher Development team, discuss card-linked offers (CLOs), how merchants are working with them to add incremental value to their affiliate marketing programs and spotlight a few CLO performance partners that they are excited about.

A Few Topics Discussed

  • Why CLOs are an exciting partnership opportunity for merchants
  • How specific companies are using card-linked offers and digital coupons
  • Some challenges to consider when partnering with card-linked partners
  • 3 specific card-linked partners, why our publisher team is so excited about them and how they are adding incremental value to merchants

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It was a pleasure talking with Joey, Alison and Cassandra and hearing them discuss such valuable and interesting topics. We hope you find them as insightful as we did!

Stay tuned! We have even more fascinating topics planned for June with some very exciting guests!

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