Drinking Our Own Kool-Aid With Our New Website

kool_aid_man_wavingCropWhen you spend your days helping clients with their website strategy, you expect that your website will be held to a high standard.  Today we took the wraps off our new website, which was the result of many months of work and planning with the folks at Fresh Tilled Soil (FTS) who designed and built the site.

We went into the development process very focused on functionality and the business objectives that we wanted to achieve rather than the “design.” We know that our site is used as a marketing tool for prospective clients who want to learn more about the type of work we do, who we do it for, and the feedback from these clients. On the old site, this information was kept in different places and done manually.  For the new site, we wanted the ability to better integrate these different assets (client logos and descriptions, project details, blog articles, testimonials, etc.) across the site automatically.  The valuable articles we had posted on our blog were also trapped in one place and could be better accessed if highlighted across the site.  Finally, a major requirement was moving to a content management system (CMS) so that we could control the content on each page.

Enter Kevin Leary,  FTS’s very talented lead CMS designer who helped us architect a platform using WordPress (an open source CMS) and WordPress plug-ins that treated each individual object as an asset that could be used in multiple places across the site. The practical result is that the client page now shows individual project attributes and testimonials ( dev.acceleration-partners.com/clients/) cross referenced with service detail pages (dev.acceleration-partners.com/what-we-do/marketing) that then highlight which client used the service, relevant testimonials, and articles.  This set-up using WordPress is an ideal platform for businesses that see their website as a key sales and marketing asset as the enormous collection of plugins connect the dots between the CMS functionally and the SEO and social media goals.  We can control every element of the website though a very simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor without any developer involvement. The entire site is hosted by FTS, which for a small monthly fee includes monitoring resources, security, upgrades, patches, and core bug fixes so that we only have to worry about content.

I know a lot of people still believe that WordPress is just for blogs, but that’s really not true anymore.  Most companies, especially professional services firms are finding that it’s a great, cost-effective solution for their website needs. We are excited about how the new site looks, but even more excited about how it works.  Let us know what you think.

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