New Podcast Episode! Nicole Sahin – Guiding Companies Going Global

New Podcast Episode! Nicole Sahin – Guiding Companies Going Global

There’s no question that expanding your business internationally is challenging. The legalities around employment alone are enough to make one’s head spin. Fortunately, there are experts who know how to navigate every nuanced step of the process and make going global significantly easier and more profitable.

Nicole Sahin is one such expert. She and her Globalization Partners team are trusted by some of the most well-known companies in the world to help them manage the risks of expanding internationally.

Nicole recently joined our Outperform podcast to discuss what some of these risks are, smart approaches for managing them and Globalization Partners’ approach to onboarding and managing employees internationally.

Whether your company is considering expanding its product or service offerings into other countries within a few years or you’re global growth journey is well under way, the insights Nicole shares will ensure that you’re giving consideration to some of the most important strategies.

You can hear and learn more on Nicole’s Outpeform podcast episode, Going Global: Things to Consider When Expanding Internationally.

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