New Podcast Episode! Jenny Evans On Outperforming Instead of Stressing Out

New Podcast Episode! Jenny Evans On Outperforming Instead of Stressing Out

When it comes to human performance, Jenny Evans is obsessed. So much so that she’s designed her career and life around helping others maximize their potential, elevate their confidence, build resiliency and achieve more out of work and life—all while laughing in the face of stress.

As the founder and CEO of PowerHouse Performance, Jenny works with thousands of C-suite executives, leaders and employees worldwide to help them both define and achieve personal and professional success. Her impressive client list includes Yale School of Management, AT&T, Estée Lauder Companies, Comcast, Nationwide, Ameriprise Financial, Procter & Gamble, Target, Human Performance Institute and many other Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to speaking to enthusiastic crowds and companies on this topic, she wrote an insightful and inspiring book, The Resiliency rEvolution: Your Stress Solution for Life – 60 Seconds at a Time, to help people use their primitive hardwiring to their advantage, recover from stress more quickly and raise their threshold for it. In just 60 seconds.

We had the honor of having Jenny on our Outperform podcast to speak on the topics of resiliency, stress, confidence and human performance and how all those elements come together to help us outperform in both our work and in our personal lives.

While you won’t glean tips and tidbits on how to reduce your stress, you will learn practical, realistic and manageable tactics for becoming more resilient to it.

If you want to realize your full potential and perform at your absolute best—professionally and personally—this is an episode to listen to.

Listen to our Outperform podcast episode with Jenny Evans.