New Podcast Episode! The Formula for Changing Hearts, Minds and Lives

New Podcast Episode! The Formula for Changing Hearts, Minds and Lives

Change, development, growth – whether it’s in ourselves, others or the world around us – is rarely a linear, upward-slopping path. More often than not, it looks more like this:

This is something our recent Outperform podcast, Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad, knows all too well.

His say his start in life was turbulent and challenging would be an understatement. In addition to growing up in poverty, he was arrested for the first time at 10-years old and lived in and out of juvenile detention centers and shelters for most of his adolescents. Positive change was not something he had a lot of exposure to.

Amazingly, as you’ll hear him share in this podcast episode, his life path changed course – at times for the better, at times for the worse.

Eventually he earned an academic scholarship to college and attained his PhD in Education from University of Delaware. Today, he’s a respected leader in multiple communities and organizations and renowned advocate for youth who face the struggles he’s all too familiar with.

Along this journey of teaching, leading, positively impacting change in others and beating back the odds, he and people he worked with took a step back and asked, “What is it that we are doing that’s making this positive change possible?”

They had stumbled upon good outcomes and actions, but they didn’t have a formula for how they were changing trajectories and, in many cases, saving lives. They wanted to be able to replicate this positive change and teach others to apply it.

When they put what they were doing under the microscope, they realized that there were two critical components that were required in order to affect positive change.

Tune in to this Outperform podcast episode to learn:

  • What that formula for change is
  • How that formula leads to lasting, impactful change – in people, in organizations and communities
  • What happens when you violate the formula
  • How this formula can be applied to everything from parenting styles and building strong, high-performing organizations to helping at-risk youth and people with addiction.
  • Where most business leaders go wrong when trying to affect change/ roll out a new initiative/ etc.
  • Dr. Muhammad’s key to outperforming and helping others do the same

Listen to the episode here.