New Podcast Episode! Exploring the Capacity Experience Paradox

New Podcast Episode! Exploring the Capacity Experience Paradox

A few months back, our founder and Managing Director, Bob Glazer, gave a keynote presentation to CEOs at The Tugboat Institute on creating a healthy, high-performance culture.

Two slides in particular garnered a lot of interest, so much so that Bob decided to name the concept around those slides and create a short video explaining it in more detail.

Hence, the Capacity Experience Paradox was born.

While his video does a great job providing a high-level overview of this paradox, the reality is that it’s quite nuanced, with many shades of gray.

To tackle this rather tough topic, Bob and our General Manager, Matt Wool, held a special “Truth, Transparency and ‘Tails” segment on our Outperform podcast.

On it, they address everything from what the Capacity Experience Paradox is and why it is so critical to the success and growth rate of a company to how the hiring process can help solve/resolve this paradox and why hiring the “experienced” candidate isn’t always the wisest choice.

If you’re looking to create a high-performance culture with people who can keep up with the growth rate of your company, then this episode is a must-listen.

Listen to the Capacity Experience Paradox episode here.