New Podcast Episode! Construing the Confidence Conundrum

New Podcast Episode! Construing the Confidence Conundrum

Did you know that you can glean what people’s confidence levels are and were like throughout history by observing things like architecture, popular books, music and even food?

Turns out you can, and no one knows this better than our recent Outperform podcast guest, Peter Atwater.

Peter’s fascination of how people make decisions and why they do what they do led him down an intriguing path studying confidence and the role it plays in the choices we make. He not only has a keen eye for what’s going on present day, he also takes a historical perspective in his research examining everything from the political sphere to financial markets and business trends.

In addition to just being downright interesting, Peter’s unique blend of practical experience and historical research has resulted in many of his predictions coming true.

Peter is the founder of Financial Insyghts, a firm that provides research on the financial services industry to money managers and hedge funds. His firm also advises asset managers, corporations and public policymakers on the role of confidence in human decision making.

He is the author of Moods and Markets, a book that details how investors can improve returns by using non-market indicators of confidence. His research on confidence has been mentioned in The Financial Times, Reuters and Time Magazine.

Listen to Bob Glazer and Peter Atwater on Outperform discuss the critical role confidence plays in our decision-making and performance and how things like consumer mood can influence the success of a company.

Listen to the episode here.