New Case Study! How We Helped Client Grow Revenue by 206%

We’re so proud of how our AP team was able to help one of our affiliate clients grow their overall revenue by 206% (YoY) that we just had to share it in a case study.

Not to toot our horn too much, but we were also able to help them grow their revenue while:

  • Maintaining their return on ad spend goal of $9 and
  • Recruiting over 800 quality affiliates into program

You can read all the details, including the challenges our client faced, the solutions we presented to them, how we implemented those solutions, and the impressive results that they garnered.

Want to learn more about how we’ve helped our clients grow their revenue, improve their affiliate programs, and work with cream-of-the-crop affiliates? Then be sure to check out our other case studies.

And if you’d like to know how we can help your affiliate program, reach out to our affiliate management team.

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